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The ‘Songs of the Lost Islands’ series introduces the reader to a vast archipelago, home to several ancient Elvin civilizations, whose survival is at stake as they confront the unavoidable rise of Men and their thirst for conquest.

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Part 1

Sailors from the Elvin kingdom of Essawylor seek to cross the Austral Ocean in search of a lost archipelago, the legendary ultimate refuge of the Elves.

Their arrival on the shores of Nyn Llyvary triggers a devastating series of events. The drums of history resound anew; life across the Lost Islands will never be the same again.  

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Part 2

Man’s expansion across the Islands knows no bounds and Dyoren must risk his life to hinder the destruction of the wood of Silver Leaves in Nyn Ernaly. Sheltered somewhere within the ancient

forest is the sacred tomb of Rowë. His forbidden will was buried with him. The knights of the High Elf King will stop at nothing to seize the legendary testament, as other Elvin factions rally to stop them.

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Part 3

Answering the call of King Norelin, the factions of the Islands converge towards the slopes of mount Oryusk to hold a pact gathering.

The bearer of Lynsing will come forth from his impregnable stronghold to participate to the reunion. The renegade will try to seize the  sword, as all the ambassadors of Elves and Men gather in the grove of Llya.


Include additional annexes, colour illustrations and portraits of the main characters.   

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Discover the main characters' portraits in the Legends & Lore section.


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C. A. Oliver was born in 1971 and spent his youth between Oxford and Bordeaux. From an early age, he was an avid reader of both the English and French canons, and it was J.R.R. Tolkien and Maurice Druon who would come to influence his writing above all others.

In his teenage years, Oliver and four friends began a tabletop role-playing game. Fifteen years later, after 3,500 hours of discussion, imagination and strategy, what began as a game had developed into an entire universe. As gamemaster, Oliver documented the gargantuan campaign’s progress.

This fantasy world lay dormant for several years. Then, in 2014, after witnessing uncanny parallels with real-world politics, Oliver began to forge Songs of the Lost Islands, a fantasy series that draws heavily on the fifteen-year campaign. He started writing the first trilogy at Sandfield Road in Oxford, the very street on which Tolkien once lived. It was concluded at Rue Alexandre Dumas in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, where Dumas composed The Three Musketeers.

C. A. Oliver now lives between Paris and Rio de Janeiro, having married a Brazilian academic. Songs of the Lost Islands has been above all inspired by what Oliver knows best: the ever-changing winds of global politics, the depth and scope of English fantasy; and the fragile, incomprehensible beauty of his wife’s homeland.



Virginie Carquin illustrated the books of Songs of the Lost Islands. In particular, she produced a series of  21 portraits featuring characters of the novels.

Her work  also includes the book covers of the series' collector edition and numerous images of C.A. Oliver's world and myths.

Sylvain Sauvage served as chief conceptual designer for the Songs of the Lost Islands world. He illustrated as well the maps, the genealogy of the clans and houses and their emblems and bearings.  His work is however not limited to this, and includes the design of the website's architecture. The graphic depictions of the boardgame inspired by C.A. Oliver's world are also based on his creations. (Instagram)



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